This pride month, as we celebrate our queerness and transness, the reality is that our community continues to be criminalized and detained by racist, homophobic, and transphobic policies. There is #NoPrideInDetention.

This year alone, more than 200 anti-trans & anti-queer bills have been introduced at the state and federal level with no end in sight and no adequate pushback from President Biden.

With one and a half year in office, we can’t help but ask ourselves, “At the face of these attacks, of a looming climate disaster, white supremacy, wars that create refugees, why hasn’t President Biden done enough to protect trans and queer people?”  

Under Biden’s watch:
- Trans detention is still happening.
- Title 42, a Trump era policy which allows DHS/ ICE to use Covid-19 as a pretext to rapidly deport people, continues to be implemented.
- Over 2 million deportations have occurred, the majority that of Black Haitians, and other people of color.Biden needs to be held accountable for allowing the continued suffering of our communities.

Join us as we rally, celebrate and conjure new futures because there is #NoPrideInDetention.

We’re also honoring the legacy of resilience that our immigrant trans and queer communities have. We are proud of our queer and trans elders, leaders and history shifters.

DEMANDS: We call on President Biden to IMMEDIATELY release ALL transgender people, people living with HIV, and people with medical conditions from ICE custody.  

#EndTransDetention NOW